Louvre League of Nations
Date: 04 January 2017

Match Day Report

December saw the new Louvre Development Academy League of Nations kick off in style.

The league is comprised of six teams playing seven aside competitions at Victoria Avenue, the home of Guernsey representative football.

 Players from the U12, 13, 14 age groups representing Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and England showcased the young players’ technical ability, work ethic and desire to win.

 To ensure the footballers are continually challenged, three different pitch sizes are used which means the boys have to make different decisions about space and tactics. Work ethic, sportsmanship and good play were rewarded on top of the traditional three points for a win and one for a draw. Three rounds were played on day one of the competition so that all teams play each other with plenty of match time.

Steve Sharman, Louvre Development Academy coach comments: ‘It is no exaggeration to say that if future match days live up to the quality of this inaugural round of games, then the concept will far exceed the aim of challenging the players competitively and allowing them the freedom to express their undoubted talent.’

‘The kids love tournaments, and this monthly league will add a competitive edge to their weekly training sessions and help to prepare them for the springtime inter insulars,’ says Kevin Gillian, Managing Director of Louvre Fund Services

At the end of the first day of matches, Germany lead the way with nine points, followed by Spain, with England taking the third spot. Holland languishes at the bottom of the table, with no wins and everything to play for.

Results – Day 1

Round 1

England 2 v Sweden 2

Italy 6 v Holland 1

Germany 4 v Spain 0

Round 2

Netherlands 2 v England 6

Spain 4 v Sweden 1

Germany 1 v Italy 0

Round 3

England 0 v Spain 2

Holland 0 v Germany 3

Sweden 5 v Italy 2