Aztec Lions and Tigers Stick Together
Date: 17 November 2015

On Sunday the Aztec Foundation Academy U10 teams, the Lions and the Tigers both had games against U11 GFA Club sides in the latest round of friendly matches designed to challenge the younger players as well as providing an opportunity for the Clubs to give their non-Corbet Cup squads game time. 

The theme of the morning was about being there for your team mates and what that actually meant.  One of the core behaviours that all Academy players should have is work ethic, the desire to want to push themselves to the limit and as part of a Team help each other.  This was really taken on board by all players in both matches with the energy, willingness to run that extra yard and the attitude to cover and support clearly on show.   The players are encouraged to share the ball at the right time and a number of the goals scored came from intelligent decision making that combined movement of the player and the release of the ball.  Our goalkeepers were trusted to be the extra outfield player and re-distributed the ball to launch attacks.  The progress being made by this age group is very positive and they have another opportunity next Sunday to showcase their learning.