Guernsey FA Workforce Expands
Date: 19 October 2015

GFA Staff Photo

The Guernsey Football Association wishes to formally announce the recent expansion of the organisation’s workforce with the appointment of four new members of staff.


As part of the organisation’s continued growth and development and commitment towards a vision of a long-term development for the sport, the Guernsey FA has been able to extend the previous part-time role of Joelle Pengelley as Women & Girls Development Officer to a full-time position, employ Colin Fallaize as a Coach Mentor, appoint Chris Hamon as Goalkeeping Coach and finally through the partnership with Guernsey FC Soccer School, to offer Tony Vance a contracted role within the organisation.


Joelle’s extended role as Women & Girls Football Development Officer is part of the Guernsey FA’s commitment towards developing the sport for all women and girls in Guernsey that are interested in participating. The appointment itself, has only been possible through the support and financial funding that has been received through the Ray Lowe Sporting Foundation and the shared commitment towards engaging with, and providing new sporting opportunities for, young people. David Warr, Chairman of the Ray Lowe Sporting Foundation commented:

‘As part of its objective of helping young people achieve through sport, the Foundation has been pleased to provide funding to enable Joelle’s role to become full time. The development work which Joelle is doing for Ladies football compliments the Foundation’s philosophy that encouraging young people to participate in sport, whatever their ability, brings with it a number of benefits. We wish Joelle well in her expanded role.’


The appointment of Colin Fallaize as Coach Mentor is part of a coordinated approach towards developing the volunteer coaches working within the sport in Guernsey and again, has only been possible through the support and financial funding received from Brown Advocates, with Advocate Adrian Brown commenting:

‘For many years the mental aspects of football have been neglected and it is only in recent years that the professional clubs have woken up to this area. Dr Steve Peters is one of the leading  experts who is currently working in the area of sports psychology and he has helped many individuals and teams including Ronnie O’Sullivan , the British Cycling team, Liverpool FC and latterly the England national team. In Guernsey we have Colin who has his own distinct and rather unique methods  but the central messages  of self-belief  and mental toughness are the same. This is something we want to create locally in sportsmen and women across all ages and that is why we are supporting Colin & the GFA in this venture.’


Colin’s role will primarily be to work with a number of identified coaches that are supporting delivery within the Guernsey FA Academy and to provide advice and guidance to support their personal development. In addition Colin will support the Guernsey FA’s overall coach education program through delivery of specific in-service events designed to provide coaches with increased knowledge and will also assist in the development of Guernsey’s talented young players within the Guernsey FA Academy.


Being able to provide a quality coaching experience for aspiring young goalkeepers had been identified as being a priority for the Guernsey FA and the appointment of Chris Hamon highlights the commitment to providing this quality experience. Widely recognised as the leading goalkeeper coach in the Channel Islands, and having represented Guernsey at the highest level in Muratti finals, Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the coaching being delivered with the Guernsey FA Academy. Chief Executive, Gary Roberts was understandably delighted with the appointment and commented that:

‘The appointment of Chris as the GFA Goalkeeping Coach ensures that we are now in a position to provide high quality coaching for all talented and aspiring players in Guernsey. Whilst the skills and experience of the numerous other Academy coaches is of the highest standard, the absence of a recognised goalkeeping coach had been a concern. However, with Chris having agreed to take on this role, I am confident that we have now established a collection of the best football coaches in Guernsey to ensure that we continue to develop all talented young players in Guernsey.’


The appointment of Tony Vance, as Director of the Aztec Foundation Academy became a possibility after the June announcement of the new partnership between the Guernsey Football Association and Guernsey FC Soccer School that was focussed on creating a program of football activities that would provide football fun and learning for players of all levels of ability and experience. The partnership has proven to be a great success to date following delivery of a number of exciting courses and the ‘Football for a Fiver’ and ‘Dutch Masters’ initiatives.  Tony Vance, Director and Head Coach for Guernsey FC Soccer School and now also Director of the Aztec Foundation Academy commented that:

'Following the successful start to the partnership with Guernsey FA, and knowing that there is a shared vision towards the long-term development of Guernsey football, it was a natural progression to accept the opportunity to take up a permanent position when offered. I am convinced that with this opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and resources, we can work towards developing a bright future for the Guernsey football community’.


Whilst Tony has been appointed as the Director of the Aztec Foundation Academy, with responsibility for overseeing player development within the U7 – U11 age groups. Amongst other responsibilities, he will also retain the position of Head Coach of the Soccer School along with continuing to support delivery of the Guernsey College Football Academy.


Guernsey FA Chief Executive, Gary Roberts, highlighted the reasoning behind these appointments when commenting that:

‘The Guernsey Football Association established a long-term vision in 2014, which was focussed on developing both the quantity and quality of football participation opportunities and to support that vision was a recognition that the Association needed to increase the workforce so that adequate resources could be aligned against the all elements of the organisation’s delivery programme. When considering the breadth of delivery includes, but isn’t limited, to general governance, providing administrative and coach education support to the League and Clubs, the GFA Academy, Guernsey College Football Academy, primary school P.E. sessions, after school clubs and the Soccer School, it was apparent that we needed to invest in the workforce and we have done that successfully with these new additions to the workforce. Looking at the skills, qualifications and experience we now have within the workforce, and with the support of our external partners, I am confident we are well positioned to deliver on that long-term vision. However, it is important to recognise that this workforce is only as good as the numerous volunteers that support our delivery, including the GFA Board, Committee members, numerous volunteer coaches in the GFA Academy and Steve Sharman in his voluntary role as Director of Youth Development ’


The new workforce structure is now:


Gary Roberts – Chief Executive Officer

Angus Mackay – Football Development Officer

Etienne Le Prevost – Football Development Assistant

Joelle Pengelley – Women & Girls Development Officer

Tony Vance – Aztec Foundation Academy Director

Colin Fallaize – Coach Mentor

Sara Mallet – County Welfare Officer

Geoff Ogier – Referee Development Officer