2022 !!
Date: 21 January 2022

The Academy kicked off 2022 last week with most age groups taking part in small sided matches.

Years 2-5 take part in 5-a-side Futsal tournament matches on Friday's. The year 4/5 group has two leagues, allowing for promotion and relegation each week.

Years 6 & 7 are playing 6-a-side matches against some club teams from the year above. Again these follow the two league system with promotion and relegation. Thank you to Rangers, North, Vale Rec, Rovers and Sylvans for taking part and making these evenings so exciting!

Our Year 8 & 9 players have also been mixing groups and playing a different format of competitive matches each week. This week it was Dutch Masters where players are assigned a number and then get randomly selected into different teams for each match.

Our Under 15/16 group is back hard at work on their preparations for the Star Trophy and Nigel Gavey matches against Jersey coming up in the next few months.

And finally, Angus Mackay has continued the work with his U18 squad as they also prepare for a Junior Muratti.