The GFA Foundation Academy is proudly supported by AZTECH.

The principal aim of the ‘GFA Academy Foundation Phase’ between age 8 – 11 is to identify and nurture the island’s talented and up and coming boys and girls. Through weekly sessions and game-based coaching, the emphasis is largely based around the FA 4 Corner Model, where the Academy players will receive quality coaching in a fun, safe and aspirational environment.

It is at these ages when maximum touches of the football is the priority to get each player to become a master of the ball. Group sizes are small to allow small-sided matches (2v2, 3v3 or 4v4), enabling players to have a big impact on every attacking and defensive play. The goal is that, by the time players reach secondary school age, they have a solid technical understanding of all the skills required in the modern game and can perform these with confidence and consistency. This sets them up for the next levels of game understanding which we start to introduce at the end of the Foundation Phase, and lean more heavily towards in the Development Phase.

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